June 26, 2020

You Keep Standing

"I intend to make them grovel."

As soon as Tony Greig - a white South African who later became the captain of the English cricket team uttered those words, he not only fired up the West Indies cricket team but the entire Caribbean cricket fans who were eagerly looking forward to a fascinating duel with England.

West Indies had a point to prove.

In Vivian Richard's words, "This was the greatest motivating speech the England captain could have given to any West Indian team."

What followed was fire and fury as the West Indian fast bowlers tormented the English batsmen with searing pace and a ruthless barrage of short deliveries.

The English batsmen tried everything - ducking, swaying, bobbing, weaving, fending and falling.

And some like Brian Close had to literally save his head from being knocked off and stand courageously taking multiple body blows for his team.

Sometimes life is like facing a hostile spell of menacing fast bowling.

No break, no respite, no letting your guard down and no knowing when the nightmare will end and the only thing you can do is to just stay put - silently copping the invisible blows and bidding your time.

In the movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, there's a scene when Sushanth Singh playing the character of MS Dhoni is down and depressed.

AK Ganguly approaches him and gives him great advice.

AK Ganguly asks, "What do you do when you get bowled a full toss?"

Dhoni replies, "I hit it"

"And if you get a juicy half-volley?"

"I drive"

"If it's a good out-swinger?"

"I leave it."

"If it's a good in-swinger?"

"I defend it."

"And what do you do when you get an unplayable bouncer?"

"I duck"

"That's it, that's life.

Imagine that all these are bouncers and you need to duck. Don't think too much. You won't get the same ball each time. You have to play on your merit and stand your ground.

The scoreboard will keep moving."

It's all right if none of these cricket words- out-swinger, in-swinger, bouncer etc. make sense to you.

The point he was making is be patient and hang in there and keep yourself in the game because sooner or later, things will change.

Maybe you are going through a heart-wrenching break-up,

Maybe you have been let go from your job,

Maybe you have been cheated by your business partner or

Maybe you have lost your loved one like this gentleman did...

When he lost his wife due to breast cancer, he was completely lost and hit rock bottom.

What kept him going was the words of wisdom from his father - a third grade dropout who told him three words that changed his life, "Son, just stand." 

"You keep standing.

No matter how rough the sea, you keep standing. And I am not just talking about water.

You keep standing.

No matter what, you don't give up."

Today, I ask you to do the same - "You keep standing."

I know it's difficult but you keep standing.

I know it's painful but you keep standing.

I know it's scary but you keep standing.

I know it's hopeless but you keep standing.

Just keep standing.

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