December 29, 2019

A Renowned Professor Reveals the Intriguing Reason Behind Why You Shouldn’t (Always) Follow Your Feelings To Transform Your Life

Why You Should Not Trust Your Feelings

"Warning: When feelings become the means of thinking, or if we cannot think greater than how we feel, we can never change. To change is to think greater than how we feel. To change is to act greater than the familiar feelings of the memorized self." - Joe Dispenza

A truly remarkable, insightful quote - precisely pointing to the root cause of my struggles with anxiety and depression.

When I was struggling with depression, I was desperate to escape from the deep, dark well of anxiety, helplessness and loneliness.

I was low on energy, had sporadic mood swings and lost interest in life. I stopped socializing, started spending hours in front of the of the computer during the day and was obsessively checking my phone at nights which further damaged my health and increased my anxiety.

I just wanted to feel better but I didn't know how.

Every now and then, there would be a few random bursts of "feel good" moments but they were too short before the familiar dark waves of depression took over.

And as time went by, it become increasingly difficult for me to break free from the throes of depression and I was sucked in deeper and deeper into a toxic quagmire.

One day as I was aimlessly wasting time on YouTube, I stumbled upon an interesting video by a renowned psychologist and a distinguished professor, Dr. Pat Love. She talked about how feelings are NOT always the most reliable catalyst for making a change because "they are rooted in history."

Dr. Love's recommendation was "Feel the feeling but DO the right thing."

This was a light bulb moment for me because I understood why I was stuck and was feeling helpless - because I was waiting to feel better and be motivated so that I could act to improve my life.

At that moment, I understood that I needed to act first in order to shift my mood and feel better.

Slowly I started taking tiny baby steps - started, stumbled, failed, started again, failed again but kept moving forward reminding myself and forcing myself to continue taking action despite NOT feeling it.

Over time, I felt better and my life started changing.

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