11 Must-Know Insights From Carly Pollock’s Book – Feed Your Soul

11 Must-Know Insights From Carly Pollock Book - Feed Your Soul

The participants were nervous. 

They didn't know what they signed up for, but they showed up to a place they had never been before.

It was a big warehouse and at the far end was a man with his back to the participants and a drafting board in front of him.

He had a curtain separating himself from each participant so that he couldn't see them.

Then the man started asking questions to the participants, 'What's your hair like?'  'Describe your eyebrows', 'Tell me about your chin' etc. and slowly the participants realized that this man was drawing them.

Once the man was done with his sketch, he thanked the participants and they left.

Before the sketch, each participant was told to get friendly with another person - a stranger.

Then the stranger was brought in and was asked to describe the person they had just met.

After these sketches were done, the original participants were then asked to come in to see the sketch that they described and right next to it was a sketch described by the other person they had just met before.

The results were astounding.

This beautiful Dove Real Beauty Sketch video demonstrates how we are more beautiful than we think.

Everyday we nitpick our bodies,  ruthlessly scrutinize our looks and endlessly worry about our body flaws in ways even our most cruel critic wouldn't. As a result we never feel we are enough - never attractive enough, never thin enough, never sexy enough and never worthy enough.

In a bid to fill our voids, numb our pain and prove our worth, we punish our bodies in different ways - countless diets, cleanses, 30-day challenges all geared to help us lose weight and make us feel better. Yet, these efforts hardly work. And to make matters worse, they makes us feel lazy, incompetent and miserable losers.

With all of the nutrition guidance available, why do millions of people weigh more than they want and feel anxious and depressed about it?

Nutrition expert Carly Pollack lived this vicious cycle until trial and error, and over a decade of academic study and self-healing, led her to the incredible insights she’s shared with thousands. In Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled, she presents her unique understanding of body science, brain wiring, and spiritual principles to facilitate real, long-term change. 

Today, I want to feature the book 'Feed Your Soul' by Carly Pollack and share the top 11 inspiring lessons and insights from her book.

I hope you will find these lessons inspiring and insightful.

#1. Change your language around limiting beliefs

Carly Pollack

"The second you say something with absolute conviction, question the validity of it. The mind loves to live in absolutes. 

Remember, a fact can’t be changed, but a story has room for creativity.

Just this morning when I woke up, my mind said to me, “You don’t have time for meditation today.”

I happened to get to the office five minutes earlier than planned, so I sat in my car and closed my eyes. It may not have been the twenty minutes on the couch that I’m used to, but I made it happen only because I changed my story from “I don’t have time to do it the way I’m supposed to” to “a five-minute meditation is better than a twenty-minute meditation that doesn’t happen.” 

As soon as you change your language around these limiting beliefs, you can turn these painful associations into pleasurable opportunities. In other words, you can scramble your pain and pleasure pathways.

- Carly Pollack

#2. Heighten your awareness by simply asking yourself 'What am I thinking?'

Carly Pollack

"The easiest way to heighten your awareness is to simply ask yourself throughout the day, “What am I thinking?”

If you are a person who can connect more easily with your feelings than your thoughts, identify your emotions and work backward.

If you ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” and the answer is, “Stressed and exhausted,” then you can take it a step further and ask, “What story am I telling myself right now that is creating this stress?

- Carly Pollack

#3. Have extreme clarity about the outcome you want to create

Carly Pollack

"Before you attempt to achieve anything, you must start by having extreme clarity about the outcome you want to create.

One of the best questions you can ask yourself before starting anything new, even a conversation, is,

'What is my outcome? Why is this so important? What becomes available to me if I achieve this? What is withheld from me if I don’t?” 

- Carly Pollack

#4. Engage in positive thinking but also be prepared to manage the worst case scenario

Carly Pollack

"Although I’m all for positive thinking, I do think it’s wise to manage the downside.

Your mind is going to go there anyway, so I figure if you think about it logically one time, then when your mind slips into worry you can calm it by reminding it that you’ve already managed the worst case scenario.

Take a moment and think about the downside of whatever you are focusing on.

What will you do if the worst-case scenario does in fact come true?

Make a plan, grab onto one of your new core beliefs for support, and know that going with the flow of life winds up rewarding you in ways you never imagined. 

And maybe you’ll discover that the worst-case scenario isn’t the end of the world after all.

- Carly Pollack

#5. At the root, your desire should come from a place of acceptance and self-love

Carly Pollack

"Wanting to look great in a bikini on a beach vacation is fantastic, as long as this desire comes from the place of wanting to feel good digestively, and energetically, so that you can be more conscious to the present moment and the adventure unfolding before you.

It comes down to changing your story about why you want the things you want.

At the root, your desire always needs to come from a place of wanting to be able to enjoy more of life’s pleasures.” 

- Carly Pollack

#6. Love your body as it is

Carly Pollack

"Loving your body is not a lie.

You don’t have to pretend you are the fittest person in the world. Love can look like acceptance for where you are and a deep desire to move toward where you want to be.

You have to start by making peace with your body and by not comparing it to what you don’t have. This is your body right now; it is perfectly imperfect.

I find that the people who are most obsessed with their outer appearance use it as a distraction so as to not have to deal with something deeper within themselves that needs to be worked on.

Usually there is something missing in their spiritual life, career, or relationship that truly needs the healing, but since that is too scary to approach without the right tools, flabby arms, thick ankles, or a pointy nose becomes the area of focus. 

- Carly Pollack

#7. Our thoughts drive every emotion we feel, and how we feel will dictate how we act

Carly Pollack

"Diets don’t work because they focus on behavior modification and nothing more.

Eat this, don’t eat that; and if you eat that, you break the rules of the diet, and that makes you lazy, inadequate, weak, unlovable, and [insert insult] here. 

If we are brave and vulnerable enough to look more deeply at what truly needs to be healed, we will have success eliminating our negative behaviors at their root. It is our minds that drive the eating bus.

In fact, our thoughts drive every emotion we feel, and how we feel will dictate how we act. Unless we change the original thought/story, we will re-create the same painful pattern, a nightmarish diet-induced Groundhog Day.

- Carly Pollack

#8. You make time for things that are important to you

Carly Pollack

"There is no such thing as not having enough time. You make time for the things that are important to you.

It’s time for you to ask yourself, What is truly important to me?

- Carly Pollack

#9. Practice healthy striving NOT perfectionism

Carly Pollack

"Healthy striving conjures up the question, “How can I improve?”

It allows you to push yourself a little bit each day while resetting in the moment when needed. It’s a question that brings us inside, asking our internal guide how to make the next step in growth.

Perfectionism, on the other hand, asks, “What will others think?”

If you want your body, or your personality, to be perfect, it’s because you are viewing yourself through the eyes of others.

No matter who validates you, there will always be someone who will tear you down, and that will be the one person your mind decides to listen to. You are not everyone’s cup of tea or perfect 10.

- Carly Pollack

#10. The quality of your life is directly related to the amount of unknown you can comfortably make peace with

Carly Pollack

"On a deeper level, you know that your happiness and peace of mind are directly related to how successful you are at reframing a negative event into an opportunity for growth.

On the other hand, your mind tells you that the more you try to control life, the safer you will be.

This battle between control and surrender creates chronic anxiety, heightened whenever something unexpected pops up in your life.

Whenever I feel anxious I know I’m fighting against the ultimate truth: the quality of my life is directly related to the amount of unknown I can comfortably make peace with.

- Carly Pollack

#11. Practice self-compassion and self-acceptance

Carly Pollack

"Often we are unwilling to accept ourselves out of fear that acceptance will kill our motivation.

If we accept where we are, then why should we change it? We worry that accepting our bodies will leave us sucked into the couch. 

However, the opposite is true.

Once we accept and truly make peace with exactly where we are on our journey, we can start working with ourselves from a place of love, respect, and genuine connection with our true selves.

- Carly Pollack

Excerpts from the book Feed Your SoulCopyright © 2019 by Carly Pollock. Reprinted with permission from New World Library. www.NewWorldLibrary.com.

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Bonus: Enjoy Carly Pollack's video on Losing Weight and Creating Permanent Change.

About Carly Pollack

Carly Pollack

Carly is a holistic practitioner and spiritual coach. She holds a Master's Degree in Holistic Nutrition and is a Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach by the prestigious CHEK Institute. Carly is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), which required five years post-Master's education and client experience. 

Carly started seeing clients as one of the first nutritionists for Whole Foods Market. In the two years she spent with Whole Foods, she saw hundreds of clients with goals ranging from weight loss to healthy eating for Cancer and Diabetes.

Carly presents a wide range of lectures all over the United States. Her most recent has included Facebook, Livestrong, Rackspace, Whole Foods Market, Texas Medical Association, Gerson Lehrman Group, Crimson and many others.

To learn more, visit her website www.carlypollack.com.

Now it's your turn, what are your favorite insights from Feed Your Soul and why. Share them in the comments below.

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